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Social Justice and Equity

Core values of the counseling profession include social justice and equity. This means I will work in our sessions and in my role as a social justice advocate in society at large to promote non-discriminatory practices, human rights, equality, justice, and safety for all persons. 
I do not discriminate on the basis of age, race/ethnicity, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, relationship(s) style/structure, socioeconomic status, mental or physical ability/disability status, nation of origin, or religious beliefs. I am an LGBTQ2A+, polyamory/open relationship, and sex-positivity affirming counselor. Additionally, I provide a safe and judgement-free therapeutic atmosphere for people in all occupations/professions, including sex-work. There is safe and welcoming space in my office for all of your identities and ways of expressing yourself! 
Adhering to the value of social justice as a counselor also looks like me continuing to assess my own attitudes, biases, and values and to be aware of how the person I am shows up in your counseling and how it may or may not impact your process. I am a White and Mescalero Apache, hetero, cisgender woman. I acknowledge my privileged identities and work actively in my community and profession to dismantle the systems of oppression that I actively benefit from. It is my hope that my efforts in promoting social justice and equity will contribute to a safe and therapeutic atmosphere for you to express your authentic Self.

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